25 Yr Old PHilly Rapper PNB Rock gets 15yr Old Girl Pregnant (3 IC posters Exposed As Pedos On Pg.6)

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does she look 15 to you?

Y'all tryna tell me if y'all saw this girl at a 21+ club y'all would think she's 15? Pnb rock the real victim in this pregnancy

We gained access to PNB Rock cellphone and found receipts on him getting a 15-year-old girl pregnant. We broke this story months ago with receipts, but PNB Rock denied it. In the text messages, you will see the 15-year-old teen @_foreignwhite begged PNB Rock to anger her calls and to come with her to doctor. PNB Rock also received nudes from the teenager but we cannot post them due to her age.


She look like his lil sister in this pic thoDCd2rmsUAAAY2yY.jpg




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