Black Ice Cartel: Sudden Death- Charlie Clips vs Danja Zone

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Black Ice Cartel: Sudden Death- Charlie Clips vs Danja Zone 7 votes

Charlie Clips
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Danja Zone
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  • Sage Wonder
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    Charlie Clips
    Clips starting to look dangerous again
  • _Goldie_
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    Debatable. I gave Danja the 1st , Clips the 3rd, 2nd is debatable.
  • Ounceman
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    Charlie Clips
    Vegan clips is out here murking everything in sight. Sucks for danja though. He was spitting some ? . Some of his setups and punches were raw as ? . In fact, in all of his recent losses, he didn't give bad performances at all. Its just that he had the misfortune facing his opponents when they were in their prime form
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    First debatable something I've seen in a minute. I was leaning Danja the first time. Clips on runback.
  • gifted
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    Charlie Clips
    There something about Danja that just doesn't work. Decent pen, Got some good bars here and there but it just aint believable or sound corny from him. Charlie when he serious is always a problem. He might be the most well rounded (pun intended) battler at present - jokes, schemes, aggression, angles, performance etc