Jordan 13 Flint vs. Air Max Penny 1

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Jordan 13 Flint vs. Air Max Penny 1 28 votes

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  • O.G.
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    No contest.
  • Trollio
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    U chose the wrong pennys
  • Revolver Ocelot
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    HafBayked wrote: »
    funny story about that particular pair of J's

    middle school...I never could afford that ? but my uncle (high school) had all of em

    was steppin out w/ him one day and he threw me that pair, said they matched my fit

    so we out just mobbin the neighborhood, and this chick that I had been shootin my shot at for a long time (chunky, high yella, long ass hair) is outside in the driveway w/ her sister....we all been knowing each other so its nothing strange, we stop to chat for a min

    this ? was soooo jocked out all of a sudden...."hmm you lookin good, ya'll dont wanna come inside?", yadda yadda....

    just ended up finger ? but I was low key ? off the whole time

    these ? shoes got me in the door when nothing else would lmao

    That's the type of broad you give the Issa to and keep it movin'
  • dalyricalbandit
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    the 13's but them my fave Penny (Knick color way) that arent foams.
  • aneed123
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    Penny's all day. Folk be picking shoes just cuz they Js
  • Bcotton5
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    13s the best Js

    along with the 11s
  • lord nemesis
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    I had those a Penny's but yeah, you picked the wrong ones to go against the 13s. Plus that colorway clean AF