Official Cheap Seats NBA OG League 2017

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Ight bruhs...The CHAMP is back to son you ? again.

So I'm reactivating the league from last year (I'll send out the invites officially when I get home). Hopefully we have the same level of day to day participation that we had last year. (Btw idk if any of ya was ever bored enough to go back and read last year's thread, it was hilarious).

Should be the same participants, except no Chitown to help @Beta try (unsuccesfully) to cheat his way to a win.

@its....JOHN B

Probably gon need 2 more participants...1 to fill Chitown spot and I dont remember who the last person was on the IC.

Draft will be the last Sunday before the NBA season starts (Idk the date yet so don't start crying) but let's figure out a time.