The Supergangster Chronicles

Busta Carmichael
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Trolling or not, this guy has provided us hilarity at his own expense.

In this thread I will link all of his classic threads so you can find them in one place.

I will add on to the OP.

"Supergangster goes to the club for the first time and gets knocked out by his day1"

Supergangster meets a girl from Bosnia and hilarity ensues
Supergangster punches a 6 year old autistic kid in the face
Supergangster shows up to a job interview in a "comstume" and gets arrested -job-i-am-so-sad/p1
supergangster claims "I eat good", then he proceeds to post a pic that proves otherwise.
Supergangster goes to the gym to look at ? and proceeds to get his ass beat by a Brolic Russian

Supergangster tries to stunt yet again with a contaminated fridge


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