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With all this mass shootings and mental health issues; how do y’all feel about implementing some sort of monitoring system on children at an early age to observe certain types of behavioral actions to quickly diagnose the child before developing. Since most parents, at times, are unaware of how the child behaves and also, at times, refuses to take the child to a mental facility(they also be lazy).This will prevent children from developing severe mental health issues as an early diagnosis can help prevent the child’s development from worsening. Just a thought


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    aint you late for 2nd shift?

    nah but there's just too many holes in that....NOBODY wants their children monitored or made out to be specimen

    plus not all kids that kick the dog here and there and break the heads off dolls grow up to be killers....I can vouch for this

    behavior can change in a person long after childhood also....you can be pushed to a breaking point today and do some ? you never thought you would
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    Monitored by who ? Where's the Nosign button ?

    Undoubtedly this "monitoring" wouldn't be used against white kids who like to ? small animals or go to school everyday dressed like vampires but instead would be used against us like everything else.

    So no bruh, I don't trust to gov't to monitor my kid. I'll do it my damn self if - especially if the gov't didnt get in the way of that.
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    what do u mean most parents are not aware of their child's behavior?
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    Id rather monitor the jakes like ghostface killah

    Praise hip hop
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    what do u mean most parents are not aware of their child's behavior?
    As in parents don’t always know how a child will behave at every given moment.
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    Make everybody have a DMT trip. The world will change for the better. Just one mandatory DMT trip in a controlled setting.
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    Ehh... I see where you goin... But the problem is....and has been for as far as forever ago back....OUR kids are quickly flagged and put into the system and on meds and ? that we have no idea how they actually affect a person until 20 or 30 years down the line. Also, every little thing our kids do, because they don't know how to work with/deal with our kids, would be considered a red flag/warning sign/symptom. They overdiagnose our children any chance they get. ADHD, Autism, etc. Look at some lists of signs and symptoms of some of these disorders and see how vague and broad they can be. They'll literally tell you that two contradicting/opposite characteristics are BOTH symptoms. "Kid talks a lot" then later in the list "Kid doesn't talk a lot". Or it'll be some ridiculous ? like "Kid doesn't have strong eye contact" like kids ain't naturally shy and eye contact ain't something that they have to learn.

    Bottom line, what you're suggesting is something that's kinda been in practice for years and the ? just usually works to our detriment more than our benefit.

    I also get what you sayin about parent not knowin what their kids are doin 24/7, which is true. But as a parent, you may not know exactly what your child is doing detail for detail....but you KNOW your child. I knew/know when my kids was/is lyin. Even if I don't always call them on it...I know... I know what they're capable of to a pretty good extent. So I know when to have they're back if a teacher call on some monkey ? .....or I know when to hear the teacher out and tell my kid, "Nah ? , you bullshittin." Just comes with involved parenting.
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    I think a huge problem is that these things become most prevalent when relationships between parents and children start to become more distant (adolescence). You may find a few kids early with the kind of monitoring you suggest, but a lot will still fly under the radar because they won't show symptoms until they are 17+
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    This the best solution I can come up with.