SATURDAY classic vs classic......who is this weekend's champ (wk 30)

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OK fellas, let's get this done, y'all already know how it go. If you had to choose one and all are on the radio same time which one will you keep it on.....don't have to necessarily mean which one is the best, just which one you prefer right now.

OK listen up fellas because I don't want people to get the weeks confused. Next week I'm throwing @its....JOHN B the keys and he's gonna do his multiple song battle royal whether the champ wins this week or not. Here's the thing, I'm been bumping a few songs all week because I couldn't decide which one I wanted Big to go against and finally yesterday I thought, wtf I'll just battle royal it too! It's my ? , I can do that. So for the first time in Saturday history we gonna have battle Royals two straight weeks so let's go. Mine just have a shadowboxing, battle your own reflection in the mirror theme tho. So let's go

In this corner we have the champ going for 3 weeks .....Biggie with One more Chance Stay with me Remix!

And in this corner I know Cuban linx made a thread about this before but it's time we settle this once and for all Saturday style, lady's and gentlemen Biggie with One more Chance hip hop mix

And just for the hell of it I told Goat I was gonna hold this until I felt in my spirit now's the time. Well now's the time. Please welcome Biggie with Party N ? the Faith Evans remix!!

And last but not least the clubs still go crazy whe. They hear those three "uhh's" when the beat drops...the last single Big ever Dropped please welcome Biggie with Hypnotize!!!

I strongly suggest you all play the videos back to back to back to back before you vote so you can get the full effect here.

Vote or die muh fuckas!!!

SATURDAY classic vs classic......who is this weekend's champ (wk 30) 18 votes

One more chance. STAY WITH ME
a_listdalyricalbanditdwade2065th Letterdondiachewon87spit_fiyaBuilt 4 cuban linxJonnyRoccITonetoughmiracle5 Grand 11 votes
One more chance HIP HOP MIX
IbexKid Dynasty 2 votes
Party & ? ft Faith Evans
DR. JEK 1 vote
bigbird_1HustleThaDonLUClENKnowReasonForPeace 4 votes