Boosie Reveals Release Date and Tracklist For "BooPac" Album

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Boosie's forthcoming album BooPac is scheduled to release December 15 and it features 24 tracks. Take a look at the featured track list:

1. Don Dada f. B. Will & Lee Banks
2. Real Shooter
3. ? Wants Me to Fall f. London Jae
4. Webbie I Remember
5. ? Fever
6. Liar
7. I Hope You Make It
8. Me & Mama
9. I’m That ? Now
10. Me, Myself & I
11. Different Cloth
12. My Pain Runs Deep
13. Everything
14. Heartless Hearts
15. You Don’t Know Me Like That
16. Get Ya Mind Right
17. Real Friends
18. Let Me Know f. Yung Bleu
19. Motherless Child
20. I Testify
21. Semi On Me f. Yung Bleu
22. Wrong Role Model
23. Get Me Outta Here
24. Trust Nobody

Boosie has become one of the most respected figures in hip-hop and with the South maintaining such a stronghold on hip-hop, Boosie's status in the game strengthens along with it. This past summer he revealed that his upcoming project would be an homage to someone in hip-hop that he looked up to... Tupac Shakur. In an exclusive interview with VladTV, Boosie stated:

I’m my generation’s 2Pac. A lot of people didn’t grow up on 2Pac. A lot of people didn’t grow up on Biggie. Those who love that kind of music grew up on me. Another reason is that 'Pac music is forgotten about right now. When you buy that [album], you listen to it, you’ll gonna be like, ‘This ? touched me just like 2Pac touched me.

Now Boosie has revealed the album cover of his upcoming project BooPac which is slated to drop December 15.