The Notorious B.I.G. - Ready To Die

Idiopathic Joker
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In a sec, I throw the tec to your ? neck
Everybody hit the deck, Biggie bout to get some rec
Quick to leave you in a coffin, for slick talking
You better act like CeCe and keep on walking
When I hit ya, I split ya to the white meat
You swung a left, you swung a right, you fell to the concrete
Your face, my feet, they meet, with stompin'
I'm rippin MC's from Tallahassee, to Compton
Biggie Smalls on a higher plane
? say I'm strange deranged because I put the 12 gauge to your brain
Make your ? splatter
Mix the blood like batter then my pocket gets fatter
After the hit, leave you on the street with your neck split
Down your backbone to where your ? cheek drip
The ? I kick, ripping through the vest
Biggie Smalls passing any test, I'm ready to die!

Probably my favorite track off the album