Cheap Seats boxing presents: Tommy Billfiger vs Chi-town bully

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chitown bully wont do ? you'd get mopped too we both grown men.If you got issues ? talkin on the net take this ? to the streets or ?

"I dont like tommy cuz he ? on my favorite players and consistently does things to annoy me so I'll cry like a ? and mention all the other ? he does like woman gossiping"


Get a grip and stop whining
*Waits for the inevitable I have a life and dont need to fight over the net excuse I have a family*

You not a street ? tommy, you fabricate your life on the net. The same dude that been ducking everybody else but now you found some courage
I aint a street ? but you definitely aint answer what I said just like I thought

You misinformed homeboy I definitely aint a duck a soul who ever wanted to fight offline.

Like I said WE can meet in the hood tho since you got problems wit me,prove How Im not street

Im free any weekend so whenever you decide to get knocked out im game

ok, Chitown poster needed to film this btw


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