the official 2013-14 NY Knickerbocker thread

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Just joking these ? suck...get ready for another underachieving year from an abysmal team knick fans
Melo been there for 3 seasons and have yet to reach a ECF finals and still refuses to pass
They got amare and NY fans were like "we here" then he morphed into an injury prone role player who can't even beat a fire extinguisher in a fight
Tyson Chandler now has a broken leg so he now has more time to wear whatever the ? this is in his downtime ? looks like a tear away tux
Kmart Jr felton and melo give it up for the new look Knicks aka the ? that couldn't cut it in Denver but let's sign them and hope they can because their jersey will be different
And if world peace last season in LA is any indication of things to come I'll look forward to seeing him on a fast break dribble like a three legged moose

Patrick was the last real hope y'all had left and y'all let him go out as a member of the sonic and magic