Eyerone- I C Dead People [the iLL Community diss] (audio inside)

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rest in ? .


Wowwwwwwwww...i guess that I'm as real as it gets
This what happens when you really legit
No Jonny RoccIT, this what happens when you really the ?
Against a horde of nigs who prolly wear heels cuz they ?
A buncha ? ? ...
....buncha wanna bes, frontin like they rich ?
Scratch that, scratch that like a itch ?
I stay throwed but I never had to pitch, ? .
? .......now I'm invested
Got me vexed thinking its some internet ?
When in all actuality I'm only interested in
? somebody ? up, so go & get some protection
? flexin....but there's no hope for them
So here's the rope for them,
I got my scope on them, you can say that I'm provoking them and joking them, Rollin up I can smoke again...
While They tryna be heros at their local gym
I got enemies, got a lot of enemies
A buncha ? ? , gossiping, they finicky
Out for revenge, Im not stopping til they killin me...
I got plenty weed, got a lot of Hennessy
I'm going off the deep end.
Going off the head, it's like a jimmy hat with sheepskin, but I'm freakin like I'm tweakin
But speaking like I mean it, cuz I mean it
And everything I rap, I only speak it cuz I seen it
See it's...a lot a ? daughter guys...
A whole board of " I'm missing my father" guys..
A bunch of sodomites who love to get sodomized
With standards so low that they get slaughterized
So call the guys...I'm a lunatic
I been too legit to quit, you ? doo doo grits
I don't know, who the ? , you knew this is...
But i do this ? ...
Yeah I really do this ? ..now I'm losing it, I need something to even me out,
Shoulda never let the name "Eyerone" leave from your mouth
No Gun power, folk tellin me to reason em out
But Y'all got sons flower seeds in your mouths
What's that's even about
It's like Yall ain't leave me an out, I breathe rhymes, then I'm sneezing em out.
can't even bite a ? , they just teethin
ain't even a doubt, I reign here and I'm leaving a drought
.....and speaking of allergens and ? that I'm allergic to
Let's talk about ? , I know you heard it too
It's like a couple ? see ? from a certain view
So lemme dumb it down so sucka clowns get the word that's true.
I never ducked a ?
? you think this is, I ain't no sucka ?
I'll show up and crush these ?
It's funny the nig that say that I'm ducking ?
Is the same faggity ? look like they sucking ?
....the skies getting dark again,
His name is dark skies, he's a ? he prolly lives
As bonafide ? , spent his life in the closet and his sexualitys a dark cloud that just follows him
Cuz he swallows men
Call his friends if you don't believe me it's all right
It's all facts, beyond that ? it's ON SIGHT
pause and I don't mean no ? ?
He'd prolly get excited & that's not some ? I play with
The nerve of you ? saying I'm ducking guys
All these ? lies....I'm eating truffle fries
With duck bacon, ? waiting, I'll watch you ? hide....24/7 house-arrest & you stuck inside.
All over ? pride, I'm tryna be Nelson like
Yall flakey, I'm on your head I'm real Selson-like
Blew trees, each state, new Vs, different plates, new keys, movies, I'm just telling life
Blazini, you sound like a ? genie
A flaming ? ? whose ? and takes weenies
Who wants "mo" fore you say meeny or say eenie
A ? ? , she-he, ? ? you SEE me
When you see me....it's on sight, ? don't ? run
I'll fly to Boston, Rhode Island, wherever the ? u from
For that one-on-one, matter fact when I'm ? done
I'll ? your girl & have her tell you bout your ? son...
This is not where it ends, ha
The kid ain't churs, that lil ? your friends, ha
Your friends is laughing cuz you don't know whose it is, ha
The nerve of that ? , even made her your wiz ha..
? disgusting...
..just happy to share the news
Just like your ? who was on the net and was sharing nudes
Notta ? on the net you can compare me to
Tell me to pull up ? I'm daring you
Im scared of who?????????

I'll wait....

Not a nere ? alives what I'll say
But I already knew what it was from miles way
And my weed got hair the color of chuckies, its child's play
But really it's foul play....you throwing ?
And you don't ever hit them ? , all you know is ?
-you a ? boy throwing ass and throwing ?
Nerd ass ? , u think you know it all?
? dork...you wack as hell
And who the ? told this nig he look like he maxwell
They ? lied....yeah they ? lied
don't know ? why, they must be ? blind
They must be tryna...to get somethin so they get close to you
You prolly like "I'm a photographer, I do photoshoots- nice to meet you, I'm Lame
But really my name is Joshie
I swing for both ways & really I'm wishy-washie "
Brother five? You ? think this suckers live?
? that ? , ? that guy, he ? shuck & jives
And he's not reluctant he functions to show his sucker side
I'd pay about a buck to watch that ? die
He's a ? lie...just like these other guys
They way they stick together, start to think they lover guys
Wanna be young thugs like the Danny Glover guy
...the type of dudes that love to smother guys
I just turn the other eye cuz that's your life choice
How can I be mad that you ? like boys
? boys,and pipes boys
Staying up on the Internet to write boys
When a ? like me is ready to FIGHT, boy
All my life, I had to fight boy
Since a Jr. I had a jones just to write, boy
Just like Roy,
This is light boy, I got a buzz
Ben Franklin with the kite boy
been spending Ben Franklins every NIGHT boy,
Uppercut, left hook, then a right boy
I'm blown out my mind I'm outta sight, boy
Jamel? That ? lies, I'm not letting up until that ? dies
I'll punish him, then I'll ? THAT ? wife
-I got more sons than that ? Vibe
But that's ? lives, but y'all can't see it from a, perspective of this black ? eyes
So I'll black ? eyes
Slash with the knives
Clap with the 9s, we can scrap, I don't mind
It's a go...
And I'm obviously pressed
not just obsessed
I'm obnoxiously fresh
Shout to Obnoxiously Fresh
And the word on the street is her box is the best
had to get it offa my chest
Loud loud loud, til the day I die
I'm just a real ? tryna stay alive
Don't gimme a reason to go and get the gat
And I finished this rap without even mentionin Kat
Well there's that


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