Overrated albums

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I love outkast but this album really wasn't all that IMO i big boi's disc was better. Andre 3000 was too much off the wall singing, the only tracks i liked from that disc was take your cool off,roses,and prototype. I think if andre would came more with a rap vibe he it would of been a lot better, i appreciate his creativity but it just didn't do it for me.


I been listening to pac ever since i was little kid but this album is very is overrated to me it had some enjoyable tracks but a lot of songs were fillers, the production was dope just some songs were too much blah blah blah like 2pac wasn't really putting all his effort in them.


I know i'll get hated on for this but this album was weak to me something about they way they were rapping and the beats were horrible imo the only track i liked off that album was passing me by, everyone has there taste but this album was just disappointing to me i remember being excited to hear it and i was let down.


this was nas first album NOT SAYING IT ISN'T A CLASSIC but the production was boring as hell, it had great lyrics but the beat selection was overrated i don't see what all the hype is about. I prefet it was written beats and i am over most nas albums.

open to discuss other albums you think are overrated. Please keep it intelligent i don't want any nas stans and 2pac stans having a heart attack over this ? .