Reason Interview: juelz21 (Gee's Gf Is A Midget Monkee? Pics Inside)

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5th Letter- Where are you from?

juelz21- im from new orleans

5th Letter- If you don't mind answering what do you do for a living?

Juelz- im mentally disable slighty so i don't do anything as fa as job

5th Letter- What is your issue?

juelz21-im bi polar

5th Letter- Do you take meds?

juelz21- yes i take meds i was depressed and i would act out sometimes it is ok im good when i take my meds but i don't when i don't.

5th Letter- How did you discover your illness?

juelz21- my mom noticed it

5th Letter- What made her decide that something was wrong?

juelz21- because i had outburst i public

5th Letter- How did you discover the IC?

juelz21- google

5th Letter- How long have you been on the IC?

juelz21- since 2010

5th Letter- What were you searching for that led you to the IC?

juelz21-just hiphop forums

5th Letter- What were some of your earliest memories of the IC?

juelz21- just talking about rhyme schemes and talking rap techniques in general.

5th Letter- How did you discover hip hop?

juelz21- through my older brother

5th Letter- Who are your favorite and least favorite rappers and what was your favorite albums by them?

juelz21- my favorite are ras kass 2pac nas eminem big pun big l. my least favs are biggie jay-z rakim fabolous big daddy kane krs-one. soul on ice 7 day theory illmatic marshall mathers lp captial punishment lifestyles of the poor and dangerous

5th Letter- Why are they your favorites and least favorites?

juelz21- because they changed my life personally and the other ones were good just not as is impactful

5th Letter- What is your earliest memories of hip hop?

juelz21- listening to my brothers cd's

5th Letter- Who are some of your favorite and least favorite posters?

juelz21- i don't have any favorite posters i don't come on here like that. somebody said hell was better then biggie even though rell is technically but biggie has better albums to me.

5th Letter- The person that said that is your least favorite? Who said it?

juelz21- some poster named logic first

5th Letter- You're known as the rhyme scheme guy how did your affection for rhyme schemes begin?

juelz21- i was trying to defend my favorite rapper 2pac about being the best mc and people were saying he was not lyrical and they was mentioning rhyme schemes etc searched and the rest is history.

5th Letter- So off the strength of that you became a fan of rhyme schemes? What kept you interested in it to this day?

juelz21- i just love them i love the technical aspects of rap.

5th Letter- How do you feel about the ridicule when you make your rhyme scheme threads?

juelz21- honestly i don't do it for approval wether they like it or not im not factoring it in im make them because i like it.

5th Letter- Why do you think holla and bleed rhymes?

juelz21- i don't think it rhymes.

5th Letter- Where did that come from?

juelz21- well i was discovering rhyme schemes so my knowledge of it wasn't where it was now so made a error plain and simple.

5th Letter- What is your favorite rhyme scheme?

juelz21- pac 1st verse on hail mary.

5th Letter- Let's play word association 2 words or less

5th Letter- Tupac
juelz21- goat
5th Letter- Canibus
juelz21- one of the goats
5th Letter- Rhyme Scheme
juelz21- love them

5th Letter- Any last words before we wrap up?

juelz21- if u want to get to know hit me on facebook or here.


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