Ray J and Fabolous Fight!

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Vegas was the place to be this weekend for the Mayweather Vs. Ortiz matchup! According to many sources that attended the backstage area of The Palms nightclub, Mayweather wasn’t the only one throwing controversial punches.

Word is that rapper Fabolous was approached by Ray J himself after Fab had threw some jabs towards Ray’s way a few days earlier via twitter. Quickly saying what he needed to say, word is that Ray J threw the first punch aiming to knock Fabo out. Fabolous apparently dodges the punch and gives Ray a few combos of his own leaving him out on the floor. Security quickly broke the fight up but by word of the people who saw the fight, Ray J got his ass kicked.

Check out the details collected by miss Necole Bitchie:

JayDubb310: just saw Ray J and Fabolous throw blows backstage at the concert in Vegas!!!!!

ExoticMaya: So @RayJ just punched @myfabolouslife about some dumb stuff but Fab whooped his ass backstage …

ExoticMaya: And so now @RayJ is being escorted out with 4 cops … I had to leave out of that drama

ExoticMaya: And for the chicks spreading the rumor that @50cent hit @myfabolouslife in the bathroom… Cut it out. Y’all accusing the wrong folk

ExoticMaya: So me & @HollywoodKesan was laughing the whole time at @50cent instigating … @KevinHart4real looked confused as hell

ExoticMaya: So I videotaped it but security made everyone delete footage … I should of hid my phone & dipped off

WillSanders: @myfabolouslife just beat up @RayJ at palms its crackin!!!!

WillSanders: No he just swung 1st RT @origtipdrill: Wait ray j beat up. Fabulous tonight??

WillSanders: Yo @Rayj a G for swingin 1st but @myfabolouslife got the best of him

Fabolous had been posting jokes about Ray J on his timeline over the past few days so the tension could have been building up over the weekend. It seems as though Fab and Kevin Hart were cracking jokes about an HBO special titled ’24/7′ that showed Ray J in Floyd Mayweather’s living room singing ‘One Wish’ while playing a piano with no chicks around.


N*gga Ray J doin a concert in his living room… Lmaoooooo

Nah but Floyd saying we havin a concert in my living room & the camera cuts to Ray J singing “One Wish” on the piano had me in tears!!

Get it..? Ray J concert in the living room!! *Lil Wayne voice*

Jus ran into my n*gga @RayJ at @iamdiddy dinner.. He told me & @KevinHart4real that it was a f*cked up edit & b*tches was there!!

Kevin Hart:

Yo I just talked 2 my n*gga @rayj its confirmed…….Floyd asked him 2 sing “one wish” @rayj didn’t want 2 do it……

@rayj told me that he did 5 songs that night and that’s the one that “HBO” choose…I believe him….I am now his friend again!

Meanwhile, A homeboy of Ray J’s sent warning shots to Fab the night before the ‘alleged’ incident happened:

@myfabolouslife @Kevinhart4real check dis out keep playn with the homie @RayJ u b*tch ass ? ant b able 2 move around on PIRU!

@myfabolouslife matter fact where u n*ggas at in Vegas we holla face 2 face u on the west right now we pull up if u ain’t liking my words!

@myfabolouslife @RayJ don’t holla at them n*ggas hit me on the line we on our way that way F*ck that n*gga he played us close

@myfabolouslife u don’t even touch da brooklyn streets f*ck make u think u gone disrespect in my streets! @RayJ I seen that sh*t blood said

All this internet thuggin’ will eventually get you into a public beat down!



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