@Darxwell/Darkskies, You Gotta Defend This Faggotry Slime, NH and (II)

Chi Snow
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Word on the IC and LA streets is that you downlow. That you hiding ya homosexuality behind weak ass attempts @ photography *see Failed Pico Set* and having a heavy cosigner *See @Lechic* that doesn't want to out you.

Now everyone on the IC is grown so, u being a homosexual is not that big of a deal. Unless you really outchea sucking ? to get u thru school in which case, disgust and no everyotherstripperinAmericatryingtobecomeanurse. At the end of the day slime, you gotta be true to you and yours so you might as well come out to the IC. Hell I'm sure a helpful and considerate member wouldn't mind breaking the news to ya folks for ya. It ain't like they don't still have ya facebook info.

Anyway, somethings have come to light this past couple months and if you could just clear them up it'll just send this thread to the bowels of IC and you can continue ethering posters in peace knowing that they could never use the ? angle @ you again.

This concludes the opening arguments............


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