Kobe VS Lebron 2009-2010 Season.....Men lie, Women lie, these stats don't....

will grimey
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And don't blame the finger either ? ....Even when Lebron aint scoring he's contributing. Kobe just shoots lucky shots at the end of games. Real ? know that's Pau's team...And soon to be Shannon Brown's once GM realizes its over for Kobe...

Lebron's has played this season with:

Bad back
sprained ankle
? up wrist

Kobe has played this season with:
sprained finger
back spasms
sore ankle

As of right now....

Durant, Wade, James, Anthony>>>>Bryant

Lakers Record 57-24
Cavs Record 61-20


PPG 27 29.7
REB 5.4 7.3
AST 5 8.6
STL 1.6 1.6
BLK 0.3 1
FG% 46% 50%



I mean do ya really wanna compare their best games???? (43PTS,13REB,15AST,4BLK)

Plus Lebron had the better dunk this year...Kobe's springs needs oiling....